Monday, May 31, 2010

Tell Me No More Lies Sketch

So yesterday an this morning I started a new sketch, called "Tell Me No More Lies" The idea behind this is pretty simple guy tells non-stop lies an sooner or later the evil from hell starts to take over his body an you have a "Tell Me No More Lies" victim. It was created very very randomly over the weekend but I have to say I love it. One of the reason I did it was because i've been doing comic pages which I can't show just yet so I wanted to do some for everyone to see,seeing I haven't posted anything new since the "Nightmare On Elm Street" piece. I also plan on inking it sooner or later not sure when yet. Might be the first of a selection of Creator Owned Horror Prints too, I will keep everyone updated on that news when the time comes.Heres another sketch I did up over the weekend when I had about 30mins or so of free time. I never got around to finishing it, but it's so to be a picture of myself from the side if I was a zombie. At least what I think I would look like as an infected more of a Rage type. Of course it doesn't look 100% like me at least I don't think it does, an didn't bother adding a beard like I have cause I wanted to add more jawline detail, it's all just a practice piece for when I do more zombie art in the near future

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