Sunday, May 30, 2010

Some Older Clive Barker Sketches!

Heres some older sketches I dug out of my picture vault. Only done about a year or so ago but still old to me haha. These are all inspired by his writing. I am a huge fan of the characters he creates he has some very awesome ones. Also a big fan of the NightBreed series have some of the comics an the movie is pretty cool too! I'll start of first by showing off some NightBreed inspired work I hope you like it folks.
Heres a piece that I did of Pinhead from the Hellraiser series, a very cool character all around. This piece was done with a more cartoony look then the others, at least to me it does with the shape of the face an stuff. This was around the time when I was deciding on doing more cartoony or real looking stuff, an well I went for more real darker stuff an I'm glad I went with it, I personally think the stuff of late hasd been the best stuff i've ever done an it just keeps getting better in my opinion. I hope you enjoy the Pinhead sketch folks. I plan on doing a Candyman piece in the future like my Fido,Nightmare On Elm Street & Addams Family pieces too. Not sure on when that will be though.

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