Sunday, May 9, 2010

Older Stuff

Tonight I thought I would take some time out to post some older stuff from a couple years ago, haha seems so long ago. I'll started off first with a piece I did for fun of a Slapstick comic page. I think from issue 2 or 3. He's a fun character to draw so I thought it would be fun to do an for practice on drawing pages an panels an such seeing this was back when I was just getting into comics. This was also back when I was deciding which paths I wanted to go Cartoony or more real looking an superhero or Horror stuff, an we all know which one I went with haha.Also heres another older piece, that I did for the Deadmen & Poodleskirts comic series. This one is also a couple years old now i'm thinking. It was a pin-up cover sketch, looking back on it now I can see a "Huge" art improvement as least I do personally, this is nothing compared to my Fido & Addam Family pieces in my opinion of course. I still think it's a good piece, i'm just alot happier with my stuff as of late. This piece also when colored an stuff was gonna be a Tales From The Crypt homage style cover.

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