Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Monster Makin' 101 quick sketch

So this week a new monster makin'101 sketch was posted on up Horrornewsnetwork.net so being the normal user of the site, I did my own quick version of it, it's really rushed an i'm not all that happy with it, I might do a better one later on this month if I can get more then a couple hours free time to sketch. Also this month Monster makin'101 piece is done by Jason Paulos you can check out the piece at http://www.comicmonsters.com/section-article-279-Monster_Making_101_-_Jason_Paulos.html

For anyone who doesn't yet know what Monster Makin' 101 is about it's a new step by step colum on Horrornewnetwork.net that well shows you the steps on how artist go about creating monster artwork. Also everyone on the site is encouraged to make there own version of each month piece an post it if they would like to. So come give it a try folks!

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