Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Horror Banner for Mike&Chuck Horror site

heres is a banner for a site im doing called "Mike & Chucks Blog Of The Dead" heres there link: shoucld check it out some good stuff folks!, well they asked for a banner with 4 classic characters them being Jason,Leatherface,Michael & Freddy, they also asked for some zombies so of course I had to add Flyboy & Bub to the mix sorry you didn't make it in FIDO maybe next time haha. Then I also added in my favourite horror movie of all well next to Leatherface of course My Bloody Valentine. The last character I added was pumpkinhead it was hard picking seeing theres so many great ones out there I was gonna go The Tall Man but decided not to. I hope you all like it anyways, inks should be comming soon!

Monster Making 101 FIDO

Hello my horrific fiends! it's Monster Makin' 101 time an I'm the artist on it what no way! Dan was nice enough to offer me the chance to be one of the artist for the Monster Makin' 101 section over at an being the nice guy I am I took him up on the offer. For my Monster Makin' 101 piece I picked to do a piece based off my new Horror Movie Fan Art line. A classic new zombie movie called FIDO so sit back an enjoy the 5 easy steps that I take when making a piece like this.

Step1: I take a colored led for a mechpencil usually green or any color that I have. The reason i do this is just to get the general shape of the piece together. Also the colored led doesn't show up on grayscale scan once it's all inked an finished."the scan not the best seeing it's done in color scan but yeah ha ha"
Step2: The next step is I take my 4H lead art pencil & I will go over all the green an start mapping out the hair an nose,mouth, eyes etc. Note never press hard on the lead or put alot of time an detail into it just yet, cause if your like me you might change it about 4 times or more before your happy ha ha

Step3 & 4: This is where more of the fun stuff starts to come in, I usually do this all in one step but I thought i would break it into two, to well make it longer ha ha. This is where you start adding more facial details to the eyes an what ever other detail you might like to make your piece come to life more. Then once you get the detail done you start working on the shading for the piece. With this one I had a general idea where the shading would be so I mapped out where the blacks would be an then added the detail from there. Also in this step you can add in a background if you want to have one, I just added in a basic one to take up most of the boring white space.
Step5: The last an final step for me, seeing I don't add my own colors yet. This is where you make the piece more bold an make it "pop" more with a nice layer of Black ink, For this step I used a 0.1 Staedtler Pigment Liner for the whole piece 11x14' alot of ink ha ha. All & all I think it's a great piece an great for my Horror Movie Fan Art line of pieces. I hope you all enjoyed it folks, give it a shot if you dare!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Jeepers Creepers-2001

So it's another Friday, wow seems like the weeks going by fast ha ha. This week I picked a more modern movie which I will admit I'm a fan of ha ha gotta review some crappy movies sometimes maybe ha ha. Tonight movie is a modern day slasher in my opinion it's the Creeper...Jeeper Creepers that is!

Plot: The film chronicles a day in the life of siblings, Trish (portrayed by Gina Philips) and her brother Darry Jenner (played by Justin Long) coming home from college. As they drive through the North Florida countryside in their 1960 Chevrolet Impala, a mysterious driver in a rusty old delivery truck tries to run them off the road. After letting the vehicle pass them, they later see the same truck, in the distance off the side of the road, with a hulking man sliding what looks to be bodies covered with blood stained sheets, into a large pipe sticking out of the ground next to an old abandoned church.
The driver, taking note that they have seen him, catches up to them and tries to run them off the road a second time, Darry insists they go back and investigate. Darry orders Trish to hold his feet while he looks into the pipe. Rats appear in front of him and he jerks and screams, causing Trish to lose her grip on his legs, and he slides down the pipe cutting himself. At the bottom, he finds hundreds of bodies sewn together, covering the walls of a massive cavern beneath the church. Darry can not reach the end of the pipe which looms above his head, so he looks around and finally finds a passage up through the church. Visibly traumatized by what he has seen, he and Trish flee the scene and stop at a gas station where they contact the police. While waiting for the cops to arrive, they are phoned by a local psychic, Jezelle Gay Hartman, who warns them that they are in terrible danger. She plays the song "Jeepers Creepers" on the phone, and tells them that when they hear that song, they will be in extreme danger. Badly frightened, they ignore her warning. Word arrives that the old church had gone up in flames and all evidence of any bodies has been destroyed. Trish and Darry rush out of the gas station with the police providing a security escort.
As they travel, the police are attacked and killed by the mysterious driver of the old truck. While Trish and Darry flee the scene, the driver loads the policemen's bodies into his truck. Darry and Trish try to get help from a local eccentric, but the mysterious driver catches up to them, the woman attempts to kill him with a shotgun but he jumps out of the way and kills her. They manage to hit the mysterious driver with their car, and run him over several times. After crushing the mysterious driver's body, they realized its inhuman nature when what appears to be a giant wing begins to flap around. Leaving it on the road, they drive to the local police station to wait for their parents, but Jezelle shows up and warns them they are still in danger.
Jezelle tells them the true nature of the mysterious creature: it is an ancient demon known as "The Creeper", which rises every twenty-third spring for twenty-three days to feast on human body parts which, upon consumption, form part of its own body. She also tells them that it seeks out its victims through fear, and that by smelling the fear from Trish and Darry, it has found something it likes, but she does not know what.
The wounded Creeper attacks the police station and gains entrance to the cells. After it feasts on prisoners to heal, it is swarmed by police, but kills a number of them. Jezelle guides Trish and Darry upstairs, telling them one of them will die, screaming in the dark while the song "Jeepers Creepers" plays in the background. The Creeper heads towards Jezelle and sniffs her, but lets her go, and heads off to find Trish and Darry.
The Creeper catches up and captures Darry. Trish tries to reason with it, and attempts to give her life for her brother's. The police burst in and take aim, but the Creeper escapes out the window with Darry. The next day, Trish, contemplating Darry's fate, is picked up by her parents, and Jezelle returns home in regret.
The final scene shows the Creeper in its new hideout, an abandoned meat packing plant, where the audience finally learns what the Creeper wanted: by ripping out the back of Darry's head, it has taken his eyes, leaving Darry's body an eyeless, motionless corpse, while "Jeepers Creepers" is playing in the background.
In a brief shot after the credits, the Creeper's truck drives by the camera, with the driver side window rolled down and the Creeper smiling at the audience while blaring its ghastly horn.

My Thoughts: I personally think this movie is the base of modern day slashers, I think it's a movie & character that will stand the best of times an be around for a long time at least I hope so. We horror fans need more modern day Slashers not to say Freddy,Michael & Jason aren't great but we need a new breed of killers, back to the movie at hand, I think the story is pretty decent, could be better in parts for sure, But what I think really make this movie great is The Creeper. I think the look of him is very classic slasher looking an the character concept of how he is an he needs to take peoples parts to stay alive I thought was great. The movie does a good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat cause you never really know what he's gonna do next or how he's gonna get you. I can't wait to see more of this character. While looking it up earlier, I found a rumor that part 3 is being made an will be out in 2011 so lets hope so I know I will be waiting to see it! Now this movie isn't perfect by far but I do give it a solid 4.5 Bloody Fingers out of 5!

Here's a preview of the trailer, hope you enjoy it folks!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deviant Art Contest Entry

Heres another older piece from a year or so back when I was still doing superhero work. This one was done for a contest on Deviant Art that I came across for One Eyed Joe comic I think thats it can't remember now haha. You had to create your own character fighting One Eyed Joe so I created Eh-Man! Overall I'm still have with this piece, not perfect by far Eh! Man stomach area could be a little thicker for my liking an some other small details but I thought I would show it anyways, hope you like it folks!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spawn sketches

Here's some older spawn sketches that I did up. I never got around to inking them, still have them on desk some where with all the other sketches ha ha. The first one is of Spawn him self of course. Always been a huge fan on him, one of the reasons I got into comics in general he's just bad ass to me. I hope you like it folks!Next is a piece done up of The Violator another very cool character in general I think, an was a lot of fun doing these up. If I can remember correctly I did them both up the same day while watching the Spawn Animated cartoon series, which kick ass I might add ha ha.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-1974

So it's that time of the week again folks! It's Friday which means new movie review time! This week movie is another classic an one that I enjoy a lot ha ha, this week classic is a slasher from 1974. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I hope you enjoy it folks!

The poster for this one, isn't a over the top detailed one, but with the little detail there is,an with the general look of leatherface an the girl in the back, you pretty much get a feel of how this movie is going to turn out.

Plot:Sally Hardesty (Marilyn Burns) and her brother Franklin (Paul A. Partain) travel with three friends, Jerry (Allen Danziger), Kirk (William Vail), and Pam (Teri McMinn) to a cemetery containing the grave of the Hardestys' grandfather. They aim to investigate reports of vandalism and of corpse-defilement. Afterward, they decide to visit an old Hardesty family homestead, and on the way, the group picks up a hitchhiker (Edwin Neal). The man speaks and acts bizarrely, and then slashes himself and Franklin with a straight razor before the group force him out of their van. The group stop at a gas station to fuel their vehicle, but when they find out from the proprietor (Jim Siedow) that the pumps are empty, the group continues to the homestead, intending to return to the gas station later after a fuel truck makes its delivery. Franklin tells Kirk and Pam about a local swimming hole, and the couple heads off to find it. Instead, they stumble upon a nearby house. Kirk decides to ask the residents for some gas, while Pam waits on the front steps.
Receiving no answer but finding the door unlocked, Kirk enters the house; Leatherface (Gunnar Hansen) suddenly appears and kills him. Pam enters soon after, to find the house filled with furniture made from human bones. She attempts to flee but Leatherface catches her and impales her on a meathook. At sunset, Sally's boyfriend Jerry heads out from the house to look for the others. Finding the couple's blanket outside the house, he investigates and finds Pam still alive inside a freezer. Before he can react, Leatherface appears and murders him, stuffing Pam back inside the freezer afterward.
With darkness falling, Sally and Franklin set out to find their friends. As they near the killer's house, calling for the others, Leatherface lunges out of the darkness and murders Franklin with a chainsaw. Sally escapes to the house only to find the desiccated remains of an elderly couple in an upstairs room. With Leatherface still pursuing her, she jumps through a second floor window and continues to flee, eventually arriving at the gas station. As she reaches it, Leatherface disappears into the night. The proprietor at first calms her with offers of help, then binds her with rope and forces her into his truck. He drives to the house, arriving at the same time as the hitchhiker, who turns out to be Leatherface's younger brother. When the pair bring Sally inside, the hitchhiker taunts her when he realizes who she is.
The men torment the bound and gagged Sally while Leatherface, now dressed as a woman, serves dinner. Leatherface and the hitchhiker bring the old man from upstairs, still alive, to the table to join the meal. During the night, they decide Sally should be killed by "Grandpa" (John Dugan), out of respect for his work at the slaughter house when he was younger. "Grandpa" is too weak to hit Sally with a hammer, repeatedly dropping it. In the confusion, Sally breaks free, leaps through a window and escapes from the house, running out onto the road. Leatherface and the hitchhiker give chase, but the hitchhiker is run down and killed by a passing semi-trailer truck. Armed with his chainsaw, Leatherface attacks the truck when the driver stops to help, and is hit in the face with a large wrench wielded by the driver. Sally escapes in the bed of a passing pickup truck as Leatherface waves the chainsaw above his head in frustration.

My Thoughts: This movie is a true classic all the way. Sure Leatherface is not as iconic as Freddy or Jason or Michael, an sure he hasn't had as many movies as they have but he still stands the test of time. This movie goes places that some others don't you actually feel for the kids in the movie an can actually feel there pain. The set up to this movie makes you believe it really is a true story. From start to finish this is a well rounded movie that you will never get bored of, it's not meant for everyone That's for sure, there are some gory parts even for back then but it still one hell of a movie. I give this a perfect 5 out of 5 bloody fingers!

Here's the trailer for anyone who would like to watch it, sorry couldn't get a full copy of the movie from youtube.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The House On Haunted Hill-1959

So it's that time of the week again folks! it's Friday an time for a new movie review. This week I picked a true classic from one of the best Vincent Price. This film is a true classic an it also has a pretty sweet looking movie poster!, I hope you all enjoy it folks!

Plot:House on Haunted Hill is the tale of five people invited to stay the night in a haunted house by an eccentric millionaire, Fredrick Loren, who is throwing the "party" for his fourth wife, Annabelle, with the stipulation that the power will be out and all doors will be locked at midnight, allowing no accessible escape. Anyone who stays in the house for the entire night, given that they are still alive, will each receive $10,000.
The five guests all arrive in separate funeral cars with a hearse leading, which he explains may be empty now, but they may be in need of it later. He explains the rules of the party and gives each of the guests a .45 calibre pistol for protection. Loren's wife tries to warn the guests that her husband is psychotic, causing them to be very suspicious of him, especially Nora Manning, who becomes convinced that he's trying to kill her when she keeps seeing mysterious ghouls, including the ghost of Annabelle, who had hanged herself after being forced to attend the party.
After being driven into a fit of hysteria by the ghosts haunting her, Nora shoots Mr. Loren, assuming he is going to kill her. Dr. Trent, another guest, tries to get rid of the body by pushing it into acid, but the lights go out, and when they come back on, both of the men are gone. Annabelle emerges, having faked her death with the help of Dr. Trent, and having apparently tricked Nora into killing Loren. Suddenly, a skeleton emerges from the acid accompanied by the voice of Loren. The spectre approaches Annabelle as she recoils in terror. In this panic, the screaming Annabelle accidentally backs into the acid herself. The real Mr. Loren walks out of the shadow, holding the contraption that he was using to control the skeleton of Dr. Trent. In his triumph, he watches Annabelle disintegrate.
Nora tells the other guests that she's shot Loren in the cellar, and they all rush down there. When they arrive, they see that he's actually alive, and he explains to them that his wife and Dr. Trent were having an affair, and that the "haunting" was just a joke planned by him with the help of the caretakers. He also tells them that they'd planned to trick Nora into murdering him so that they could get away with his money. He had not loaded Nora's guns with bullets, but blanks. Just when everyone thinks the trauma is finally over, Mr. Pritchard, the house owner, looks up, a terrified expression on his face, and announces that the ghosts are finally coming for them.

My Thoughts: This is a true classic from Vincent Price, by far the best version of this movie. It has some nice good scares an shock in it. In my opinion this is one of Price better movies, but thats just my opinion his best to me will always be The Last Man On Earth but back to the movie haha. I think if your a classic movie fan then this one for sure is a must watch. It's very well made an wrote an directed. I also found it to be pretty original for it's time to an very exciting when you first watch it cause you never really know what will happen next. A overall well put together classic. I give this movie 4.5 out of 5 Bloody Fingers!

you can watch the movie for free right now! from my site or from youtube!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Monster Makin 101 Ghoul Clown

Heres a quick sketch I did for Monster Makin'101 over at This month was just a normal Ghoul sketch, I wanted to do something differnet so I made mine a Clown Ghoul, gave him like a broke nose an disfiguried face an what not, It took about roughly guessing an hour to hour 40mins some where around there, spent alot of time trying to make the hair look cool. I hope you all like it folks!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

[Updated]Art Of TypH Logo Concept 1

Heres a new logo concept im doing for fun. I hope to have it inked an colored soon. I have two other ones that I want to do, there gonna be a logo/avatar for the forums that I go on, not sure which one i'm going to stick with yet seeing I only have this one done so far haha. I'll upload the others when they get done. I'll update at this one at a later date when I have the inks done for it. I hope you all like it so far folks!
[Update Above] I got the inks done for this piece last night, so here they are,I hope you like it folks. I think the inks really bring this piece out alot, looks really cool to me!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Swamp Thing

Heres another piece from last year sometime, my first ever time drawing Swamp Thing. Always been a fan of Swamp Thing he's a very cool character an alot of fun to draw. Not to bad for my first time drawing him I think, of course not perfect but still a decnt piece I think. I might to a better version of him sometime too just have to wait an see! I hope you all like it folks!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Night Of the Living Dead-1968

So it's another Friday folks, means new horror movie review time! Tonight I picked a classic that's near an dear to my heart. It is actually one of my very first horror movies I ever watched when I was five years old! it's Romero's classic black & white zombie film Night Of The Living Dead

Plot:Siblings Barbra (Judith O'Dea) and Johnny (Russell Streiner) drive to a rural Pennsylvania cemetery to place a cross with flowers on their father's grave. Johnny teases his sister, afraid of cemeteries: "They're coming to get you, Barbra!" Suddenly, a pale skinned man (S. William Hinzman) grabs Barbra, and Johnny rushes to save her. A fight occurs, and Johnny is ultimately overpowered and killed when he falls and hits his head on a tombstone. Barbra flees the scene, pursued by the man. Finding refuge in an empty house, she discovers a mutilated corpse at the top of the stairs. The home's telephone is offline and of no use (because her pursuer has just destroyed the cord connecting the house to the phone box on a power pole).
While attempting to flee the house, she encounters Ben (Duane Jones), who brings her back into quarantine and later defends the house against straggling zombies. This is followed by an intense argument about Barbara's desire to search for Johnny. After a brief struggle, Barbra collapses in shock, and Ben carries her to a couch. Ben boards up the doors and windows from the inside, and takes a chair outside and scares off the attackers by setting it afire. Ben finds a rifle and a radio as Barbra lies catatonic.
The two are unaware that Harry and Helen Cooper (Karl Hardman and Marilyn Eastman), their daughter Karen (Kyra Schon), and young couple Tom (Keith Wayne) and Judy (Judith Ridley) have been hiding in the cellar until later. One of the attackers bit Karen earlier and she has fallen ill. Harry wants the group to barricade themselves in the cellar, but Ben argues that they would effectively be trapping themselves. Ben carries the argument, its opposition mounted exclusively by Harry Cooper, and the group cooperates to reinforce the main part of the house.

The ghouls swarm around the house, searching for living human flesh.
Radio reports explain that an epidemic of mass murder is sweeping across the eastern seaboard. Later, Ben discovers a television upstairs and the emergency broadcaster reveals that the creatures are consuming the flesh of their victims. A subsequent broadcast reports that the murders are being perpetrated by the recently deceased who have returned to life, dubbed 'ghouls'. Experts, scientists and military are not sure of the cause of the reanimation, but one scientist is certain that it is the result of radioactive contamination from a space probe that exploded in the Earth's atmosphere. A final report instructs that a gunshot or heavy blow to the head will stop the ghouls and that posses of armed men are patrolling the countryside to restore order.
Ben devises a plan to escape using the truck involving all of the men in the house. The truck is in need of fuel, so Ben and Tom go to an outside gas pump while Harry hurls Molotov cocktails from an upper window. On the way out the door, Judy fears for Tom's safety and chases after him. Upon arriving at the pump, Ben places a torch on the ground next to the truck. Tom loses control of the pump, splashing gasoline onto the torch, starting a fire that quickly engulfs the vehicle. Tom tries to drive the truck away from the gas pumps to avoid further damage, but when he goes to exit the truck, Judy gets stuck. Tom goes back into the truck to help her but before they can get out the truck explodes, killing them both. Ben runs back to the house to find that Harry has locked him out. He kicks the door open and, in a fury, fiercely beats Harry.

The Cooper family, above, had been hiding in the cellar of the empty house where Ben was battling a horde of zombies.
Some of the undead horde converges upon the truck and begin eating Tom and Judy's charred remains. Meanwhile, others try to break through the doors and windows of the house. Ben manages to hold them back, but drops his rifle. Harry seizes the fallen rifle and turns it on Ben, who wrestles it away from Harry and shoots him. Harry stumbles into the cellar, finds Karen dead, and dies.
Shortly after, Helen discovers that her daughter, Karen, has been transformed into one of the ghouls and is consuming her father's corpse. Karen repeatedly stabs her mother with a cement trowel, killing her, before going upstairs. Meanwhile, the undead finally break into the house and Barbra sees her brother Johnny among them. She lets her guard down and is pulled into the horde and killed. Ben retreats into the cellar, locking the door behind him, ironically taking the course of action that Harry had recommended in the first place. The zombies, including Karen, Johnny and the man who attacked Barbra and Johnny at the start of the film, try to break in. Ben shoots the reanimated Harry and Helen Cooper, and waits for the morning rays.
In the morning, a posse approaches the house, hunting the remaining ghouls. Hearing the commotion, Ben ambles up the cellar stairs into the living room. Sheriff McClelland (George Kosana) spots him through a window, and, mistaking him for a zombie, has one of the posse members shoot him in the head, killing him. Still shots are shown of the posse members dragging Ben's body from the house and placing it on a pyre, next to the zombie that had attacked Barbra at the start of the film, as the closing credits roll. The film ends with a brief clip of the pyre burning.

My Thoughts: I might be a tad bit bias on this one, but personally I think this film is the king of all zombie films in my mind. I think the story is very good an the characters all come off great. Now the zombies don't have much to them but come on from 1968 they still look cool in black an white if you ask me. There are some nice gory parts especially when the truck blows up an the zombies feed on the dead bodies. I could go on about this movie all night long if I wanted to. I think it has alot of special parts here an there, it is also a must watch for any zombie fan in my mind, I highly recommend it to any zombie fan or horror fan in general for that matter. I give this one a perfect 5 out of 5 Bloody Fingers!

You can also watch the movie for FREE! from my site or on youtube!