Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Return Of The Living Dead Tribute piece

Heres a piece I started over the weekend, I was very random an unplanned actually started drawing it while watching Deathrace 2000 started out with just the girl for some practice for my new book cause it's going to be gory, an then I added the skeletone an then I decided to add Tar-Man cause I felt like drawing him an thought he would look awesome in it, so overall really happy with how this one came out, hope you all like it!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So today I am proud to annouce that the first McHozer Comics site is offically up an running! Check out the site at http://mchozers.com for those of you that don't know McHozer is a small comic company from outside of the Toronto Ontario area, it's a group of guys working together to put out comics, me being one of them, I'm one of the artist on the "Deadmen & Poodleskirts" comic, which is on sale right now! can get a copy over at indyplanet http://www.indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2539 ,Also if you would like to buy other McHozer Comics, just type in "McHozer" into the indyplanet search an the comics will pop up! so take sometime check the site out an give feedback on it,you can also check out some previews of the first two comics Deadmen & Poodleskirts & The Celtic Shaman!
Hope you like it folks!Takecare!-Brian

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chucky Sketch

So heres a new sketch I started up earlier this week of chucky it's a work in progress, there is still some more things I want to do maybe add some more blood an wrinkles to his clothing, also at the bottom in the white empty spot im debating about adding "Chucky" or "Child's Play" into that spot maybe in a blood lettering, but im not sure yet I might just leave it an add more blood an detail to the clothing an stuff. Have to wait an see hope you guys like it so far!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Alien Sketch

So I was watching AVP over the weekend an thought it be fun to do a quick Alien sketch so here it is. I got it doen before the movie was over, an pretty much just had fun with the design an look off it didn't base it off the dark horse comic version or anything so. I might do a predator piece alongside this one but not sure yet. Hope you guys like it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Living Corpse Piece!

Heres a piece I did for my buds Buz & Ken who created "The Living Corpse" comic, i've done some previous sketches an stuff for them but wanted to do something new that was more in my style so here it is. With the shovel in this one I wanted to get the view point that the shovel is closer to the reader, hoping the effect turned out good,Also with the inking of this piece I tried to give it a more edgy type look an feel which I like alot, hope you like it ghoulies!

Sketches of Mr.Vincent Price & Others!

Heres some more late night sketches couple months old now, but figured i'd keep posting older stuff that I like. Sketches here are influenced by some other comics that I like, such as "The Walking Dead" & "30Days Of Night" theres also the preacher from one of Jeff Zornow horror comics forget the name of it has a Vampire & Werewolf in it awesome read!. Hope you like them folks.

Next is a Vicent Price Presents piece,was drawing him from memory an then added some random differnet style head shots of him, head shot "B" looks way to much like Jona from spiderman but I like how they all turned out for the most part, hope you like them folks!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Update:Tales Of Dusk!!

So tonight I thought I would take the time to give a little update on my new creator owned comic series called Tales Of Dusk. It's going to be a Horror Anthology series in the vein of a "Tales From The Crypt" comic an also like my first comic I worked on with McHozer Comics called "Deadmen & Poodleskirts" which can be found in a earlier blogspot post. The stories in my series arn't going to be that short the first story is as it stands right now is about 83pages. This will be my first time writing a comic story myself so it's a fun adventure for sure. I already have the first 4 stories planned out not fully written yet but there mainly all planned out. Heres a run down for the first story which is called "Heartland Farm Terror", it's a tale about a group of teens out on a joyride in the backwoods of Ontario, Then they happen to run into the wrong brothers at the wrong time & have to try an survive in the woods not knowing what lerks in the woods an fields of the Heartland acres. How many will survive? Guess you will just have to wait an find out wont you! More info to come on this story an future stories! I'm working on a promo image as we speak for the "Heartland Farm Terror" story so keep your eyes out for it an maybe some character sketches comming soon, Take it easy ghoulies!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Frightful Fetus pin-up

So heres a drawing I did for Stephen Lindsay new web comic,well one of them, the Frightful Fetus, Heres the link to the comic, it's wrote by Stephe Lindsay with art by Jim McMunn http://www.captionsandballoons.com/fetus/ should check it out it's a fun webcomic. Was a really fun piece to do an pretty creative character design too, overall very happy with how it turned out, hope you folks like it!

Aleister Arcane & Friends Sketches

So heres some sketches that I did of Aleister Arcane from the Aleister Arcane comic from IDW & Steve Niles, I got issues 1-3 from Comicmonsters.com from 31days of halloween an when i read them I became a big fan on the charcter an story, so I wanted to do some fan art for it, The main piece is based off a panel from issue 1 I think it is, I wanted to do it with the creature from the blacklagoon in the movie poster instead of Night of The Living Dead. The other piece is when I added more on to it,another Aleister sketch an another blacklagoon creature an random creature head. So heres the sketches hope you like them folks!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sketches from Cryptmas!

Just thought I would show off some sketchs that I did for my Ghoulies Cryptmas piece. I started off with some warm of sketches of Gremlins,Hobgoblins The Goon & Ghoulies, not sure why I added the goon in the warm up sketch but oh well haha. Then after I did those I got the main idea for my christmas piece, an here are the pencils an inks for it, based off the Ghoulie movie posters, hope you guys like it!

Art Of TypH sketch

Heres a random sketch that I started over the weekend for the site, just something for fun when I was bored couple nights ago. It's a work in progress still gonna add a little more to it, but not a 100% sure on what else im gonna add to it yet, have a few ideas but have to wait an see how it turns out! Hope you like it so far!

[UPDATED]Street Trash

So for starters tonight here is a drawing I started on the weekend, A couple weeks ago I think it was I was listening to Rue-Morgue radio an there was a interview about the old movie "Street Trash" an it sounded pretty cool so I looked it up so an thought I would do a quick sketch of it so here it is so far, I might add some more to it an make the slim look better sometime an ink it up to!

Lucifer Character sketches!

Here are some character sketches for a friend of mine, for his new zombie style comic he's writing up, heres the main character Luicifer. I'll show you my first version of him which I drew, which got so/so responce so I re-drew the concept of him an heres also the final version longer jack goves longer hair an what not, hope you like them folks!

Some more sketches for fun!

Just thought i'd take this time to show off some more sketches that I have done up lately ranging from 10-20mins up to an hour or so i'm guessing usually never check the time when im drawing so haha. First off gonna show of a quick Frankenstein sketch that I did on a envelope it was about 20mins or so nothing to amazing pretty quick piece.

Next piece is just some random superhero quick sketches that I did up one night for fun. Turned out pretty decent I think for being pretty quick gonna guess around 40mins to an hour tops.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Hulk Art

Heres the last an final piece of "Planet Hulk" prize art for Comicmonsters.com. It's the hulk or could be red hulk if colored haha, it goes on the far right of the World War Hulk. It was another fun piece to do up, probably the easiest one the 3 to draw cause i've drawn the normal hulk a couple times before but still a really fun piece to do. I hope you all like it!

Skarr Art!

Here are the pencils & inks for the second piece of "Planet Hulk" prize art for comicmonsters.com, this peice is of Skarr, it's the far left piece, First time ever doing a Skaar piece an i'm really happy with how this one turned out, it was alot of fun to do up, Something new that i'm not really use to doing but it was a blast to do. Hope you all like it folks!

Friday, March 5, 2010

World War Hulk!

Here's one of 3 connecting images that I did for Comicmonsters.com, they were having a contest to go along with the release on the new Planet Hulk animated movie an I was asked to do up some artwork to give away for the contest, so here is the first piece that I did. It's a plant hulk/wolrd war style hulk, it's the middlepiece of the 3 conntecting pieces, I'll post all 3 pieces over the weekend from the pencils to inks. Heres the first one hope you guys like it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Some random late night sketches

Just thought I would take this time out to show off some random sketches that I did up. I tend to do alot of random quick sketches at night. First off going to show off a werewolf one that I did, I've always been a werewolf fan seeing seeing the movies "Bad Moon" & "Silver Bullet", the face on this is more of Wolf-Man style to me which i'm very happy with. Plan on doing more werewolf stuff in the future!

Next is a quick spider-man green goblin sketch that I did up one night, was pretty quick an not that big of a piece, but it was a fun one to do, always liked spidey & Green goblin, always thought they were pretty cool characters, Hope you like it folks!

Banner Design

Heres a piece of artwork that i've been working on which with the help of Chris McQuaid will be the banner for the Art Of TypH forums & the banner for this site, Just something fun I thought up that I thought would look really cool, Here are the pencils & inks for it so far hope you like it folks!

Black Spiderman

Not a horror piece, but one of my new pieces from a couple months ago or so that I'm really happy with. my first black costume spider-man. I've always been a fan of the black spider-man the most, just more darker an edgy to me which in my mind makes him a badass. Really pleased with the way this turned out an might do more of him in the future who knows. Hope you like it folks!

Deadmen & Poodle Skirts Issue#1 On Sale at IndyPlanet.com

So I just figured I would take this time right now to let everyone know about my first comic thats on sale from McHozer Comics here in Ontario. It was released at the Toronto Fan Expo last year!. It is A Horror Anthology series. It features 4 stories an is 40pages long! My story is the first story in the book called "Dead Menace" with art by me of course an writen by Chris McQuaid. Here is the Indy Planet link for the comic http://www.indyplanet.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=2539

we also got a first review shortly after it came out by Decapitated Dan Royer, an heres his review for the comic.

Heres a Promo image that I did up for the comic, One of the two that were used. It was also used for the special trading cards that we all made for the McHozer comics. Nice little gift you could get at Fan Expo for buying one of our comics! Stay tuned an you might be able to see some of the inks for the pages later on!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[UPDATED]Tales From the Crypt"Bordello Of Blood" homage/Tribute

A work in progress in my sketch book. I'm a huge "Tales From the Crypt" fan an wanted to do some more fan art for it, an I like the "Bordello Of Blood" movie poster so I thought I would do a tribute/homeage piece for it. So here it is so far, i'm gonna work more on the hand an the glass an maybe his chin but other then that it's almost done for the pencils. I hope you all dig it so far. [UPDATED] here is the inked version of it, sorry the scan a lil crappy on the one side it's a piece done in my sketch book so you have to press down on it a lil when scanning. Overall i'm happy with it I think the inks could be better but I always say that about my work I always like to find the negatives of the things I work on so haha. Hope you all like it folks!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Sketches!

Here are some sketches for today, first off will start off with a GWAR sketch that i did for fun for a friend, he wanted too see me version of the band GWAR, so I took some time out to do some pretty quick sketches of them. I will hopefully do some more GWAR stuff in the future some more sketches that are more then just head shots of them.

Next I just thought i'd show of some other quick Rob Zombie head sketches that I did a month or two ago. I'm a big fan of Zombie work from film, to music & comics, so I was thinking what to sketch for fun an just saw my Rob Zombie cd case on my desk so started drawing him. Also did a "Big Daddy" from land Of The Dead sketch from memory not so good but yea haha. Also add some other random head sketches that I did around the same time when I was woking on facial looks/personalities an such. Hope you like them folks.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dear Creepy & Eerie

So heres some pretty new piece ive done up also in the new sketch book first piece is a Mr Creepy piece from the old Creepy comics, which i'm a big fan of, an i just knew sooner or later that I needed to do a piece up of him, These are just the pencils I still have to ink it, hopefully sometime soon if I can get some free time to work on it. Hope you all like it!

Next piece is a very new piece did it last week, it's a piece of Eerie an some random characters I drew up at the last minute, cause I wasn't happy with a blank background, So I added in a Grim Reaper type character an another zombie type creature for fun. I hope to ink this one sometime soon when I can, I also plan on doing more of Uncle Creepy & Cousin Eerie as soon as I can, Hope you like them Ghoulies!