Saturday, May 22, 2010

Some News!

Heres some news for all you "HorrorHound" fans/users, the "Art Of TypH" can now be seen on the "HorrorHound" forums, always looking for more ways to get my art out there to all you awesome dedicated horror fiends! Hopefully "Art Of TypH" will be a hit with everyone over on the HH forums.

Some other news, I will be uploading a list of Horror Movies that I will be doing fan art/tribute/homage pieces call them what you like. The list will be to let everyone know what they can expect in the future, there will be no set deadline for the pieces, also anyone an everyone is more then welcome to comment an say which films they think I should do pieces on. I know theres alot of cool films out there from main stream to indy an I don't know them all so always looking for suggestions

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