Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stephen King's IT

New MOVIE ART!!! here's a new piece that I started to work on, for those of you who might not know it's based off of Stephen King's IT:Pennywise the clown. I have always been a fan of the made for tv style movies and the character in general. So I thought it would be a fun piece to do up! note I still have to ink this one once I get my new shipment of ink pens in. Hope you all like it so far folks!

Zombie Self-Portrait

New ART!!!! here's a piece I did for my ever so amazing girlfriend. She wanted to see her self as a sort of zombie type monsters so here what I came up with. Haven't gotten around to inking it yet but hope you all like it so far folks! Here is a little side by side shot that Brittany put together, no the piece is not inked yet haha,she was just playing around with it being a Graphic Artist and what not. The piece isn't 100% the same as the original, I guess I should have looked at the photo more then twice for placement,but for the most part they are a close match I find.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NEW Gulliver Art!

NEW GULLIVER ART!!!! here are the pencils for a new piece of Gulliver art that I am working on for the new Gulliver Graphic novel, this will more then likely be the last Gulliver related stuff I do for a long time,the new graphic novel will have pages from the ash can in it(I think) and will have 3 new pieces made just for it this being the first one. I Hope you like it all so far folks! Inks coming soon!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Billy Van Sketch

Here is a quick sketch I did a couple nights ago of Billy Van from The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein. It only took about an hour or so it's not a big image and was done pretty quick. I plan to do a bigger version of Billy Van and maybe the other characters from The Hilarious Gouse Of Frightenstein, sometime in the near future. I hope you like it folks!