Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nightmare On Elm Street Piece

Here are the pencils for my first ever Nightmare On Elm Street piece, it's more based off a mix of new an old but I think looks more like the new version but thats just me. I really enjoyed doing this piece watched the last couple NOES movie while doing this piece up so it was pretty fun time, was alot of fun doing all the face details, i'm overall really happy with how it turned out. I hope to start inking it as soon as I can an have it done soon, so I hope you all like it folks!

Also Freddy use to be the only character that use to actually scare me when I was a little kid, so it was fun to go back an re-watch the last 4 movies or so, he's actually a really cool character!

[UPDATED May 17/10] Just got the Freddy inks done last night an added some finishing touches this morning, so here they are folks, I hope you like them! I will be taking a little break from Monster Movie art pieces to work on some comic pages for my next short but there will be more movie art comming soon next is a Night Of The Living Dead piece! So keep your eyes out for that one folks!

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