Friday, August 31, 2012

A piece I did up for Count Sam Gregula!
here is a tribute piece I did to one of my favorite Stephen King horror flicks from the 80's, the ever so chessy    but great Maximum Overdrive, I could watch this movie over and over and never get tired of it.
wanted to take the time to post one of my favorite characters from the FX T.V Seies Sons of Anarachy, here is a piece based off of Opie!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

new piece in the works, a re-creation of one of my favorite spider-man covers, doing this one a bit different then my normal stuff, back to using the red pencilagain.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I tried something different for this piece, something I have never ever done before, I tried to do a Rat-Fink style piece, it turned out meh in my opinion, but oh well can’t be perfect at everything on the first try.
The Mutant from This Planet Earth, it was such a fun piece to do, did it with little to no pencils and just did all the detail and stuff free hand with ink.

Street Trash tribute, such a great underground indie grunge horror film a must watch for any troma style fans!

I also threw in the original pen sketch I did before i sat down to do the finished pencils for this piece, just to give you an idea of how I do the rough prelim stuff.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I just wanted to take the time to show of a set of quick sketches that I did, each member from this series took about 10minutes, done with pencil and sharpies, now onto the actual image, it's of one of my favorite bands SLIPKNOT!
I was wondering if I could ask all you great folks for a favor, can you take the time to check out the link I am going to be posting below, it's for Split, I have my Darth Krang t-shirt design up on the site for voting, as of right now it's still get positive feedback, but the more votes the better, the faster it will be made into a t-shirt!

I would also like to take the time to thank everyone who has already voted for this, and who has spread the word to everyone else about it, it means a lot, thank you all, you all rock!


Darth-Krang voting!
This piece is another 14" x 17" piece, after doing the Earthworm Jim/Strange Kid pin-up magazine piece, I was in a kids cartoon kind of mood, so I decided to do a tribute piece to another one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, this one is a tribute to Sam & Max Freelance Police, this piece is based off of the image on the DVD cover which is also from the Intro of the cartoon.

I hope there are some fans from the cartoon out there like myself.
here is another new larder 14" x 17" piece for my new portfolio, this piece was actually done up for a friend Rondall Scott, for the third issue of his magazine, the Strange Kid Comix Magazine, brought to you by Rondall Scott and the Strange Kid's Club.

When we first started chatting he told me that all the pin-ups were related to cartoons you the artist liked as a kid, so of course I had to do one of my favorites, a Earthworm Jim related piece with Strange Kid, I had such a blast creating this piece. I hope you all will enjoy it!

The finished colours were added by my friend Timothy H.S Wessel who has been coloring all of my artwork lately, and who will be coloring all my stuff in the near future as well.

Rondall, is also on kickstarter to raise funds for the new magazine, so if you could go check that out and spread the word about this great cause that would great as well folks!
So today I figured I would show off one of my newest pieces of work, a 14 x 17" if I remember correctly, This piece is one of my first new pieces for my comic book portfolio, and this piece is based off of one of my favorite Marvel bad guys...the planet eater himself...GALACTUS!! I had so much fun creating this piece, hope you folks enjoy it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

This is just a fun picture that my girlfriend took with me and all of my paintings up to that point and time, i've done more paintings since then, but still learning as I am going, seeing these are all my first attempts and so on for painting, self taught all the way!

Well in my last post I talked a little bit about how my Macho Man Randy Savage painting, is featured in this month's issue of WWE Magazine, well I thought it would be best to actually show you all the painting, it's all done in Acrylic and took about 3 days, the painting is sold to a huge wrestling fan friend of mine, and this is actually my second painting ever, so I am pretty damn happy with how it turned out.

For you non-wrestling fans, who have no clue about Randy, he was a big name back with Hulk Hogan, I personally like him more then Hulk by a bit, he was a great entertainer, it's sad that he is no longer with us.

well look who's come back...

Hello of my fellow bloggers, it's me again TypH...I have neglected this blog for long enough I think, and I am sorry for all my viewers who use to follow my post on here.

I will be doing my vest best to keep this updated at least a couple times a week, I have a ton of new artwork to show off, and so many new pieces in the works and planned out, so hopefully I will be able to find 30minutes here and there to do updates, and hopefully work on a new layout and look for the blog as well.

You all might be wondering what I have been up to as of late, well I am still drawing, I was tattooing for about 8months but left for personal reasons. I have been doing my best to keep my facebook fan page up to date, for any of you folks who haven't checked that out feel free to at

I am also trying to get back into using DA you can all check that out at: and also at:

The latest news is that my Macho Man randy Savage painting that I did months ago is featured in this months WWE Magazine the Best of 2012 so that is pretty awesome, and I also have a t-shirt design up on Split for voting, feel free to go check that out at:

Well that's enough chatting for now, now I will get onto posting actual pieces of art!