Friday, March 12, 2010

Update:Tales Of Dusk!!

So tonight I thought I would take the time to give a little update on my new creator owned comic series called Tales Of Dusk. It's going to be a Horror Anthology series in the vein of a "Tales From The Crypt" comic an also like my first comic I worked on with McHozer Comics called "Deadmen & Poodleskirts" which can be found in a earlier blogspot post. The stories in my series arn't going to be that short the first story is as it stands right now is about 83pages. This will be my first time writing a comic story myself so it's a fun adventure for sure. I already have the first 4 stories planned out not fully written yet but there mainly all planned out. Heres a run down for the first story which is called "Heartland Farm Terror", it's a tale about a group of teens out on a joyride in the backwoods of Ontario, Then they happen to run into the wrong brothers at the wrong time & have to try an survive in the woods not knowing what lerks in the woods an fields of the Heartland acres. How many will survive? Guess you will just have to wait an find out wont you! More info to come on this story an future stories! I'm working on a promo image as we speak for the "Heartland Farm Terror" story so keep your eyes out for it an maybe some character sketches comming soon, Take it easy ghoulies!

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