Thursday, March 4, 2010

Deadmen & Poodle Skirts Issue#1 On Sale at

So I just figured I would take this time right now to let everyone know about my first comic thats on sale from McHozer Comics here in Ontario. It was released at the Toronto Fan Expo last year!. It is A Horror Anthology series. It features 4 stories an is 40pages long! My story is the first story in the book called "Dead Menace" with art by me of course an writen by Chris McQuaid. Here is the Indy Planet link for the comic

we also got a first review shortly after it came out by Decapitated Dan Royer, an heres his review for the comic.
Heres a Promo image that I did up for the comic, One of the two that were used. It was also used for the special trading cards that we all made for the McHozer comics. Nice little gift you could get at Fan Expo for buying one of our comics! Stay tuned an you might be able to see some of the inks for the pages later on!

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