Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Some Sketches!

Here are some sketches for today, first off will start off with a GWAR sketch that i did for fun for a friend, he wanted too see me version of the band GWAR, so I took some time out to do some pretty quick sketches of them. I will hopefully do some more GWAR stuff in the future some more sketches that are more then just head shots of them.

Next I just thought i'd show of some other quick Rob Zombie head sketches that I did a month or two ago. I'm a big fan of Zombie work from film, to music & comics, so I was thinking what to sketch for fun an just saw my Rob Zombie cd case on my desk so started drawing him. Also did a "Big Daddy" from land Of The Dead sketch from memory not so good but yea haha. Also add some other random head sketches that I did around the same time when I was woking on facial looks/personalities an such. Hope you like them folks.

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