Wednesday, March 3, 2010

[UPDATED]Tales From the Crypt"Bordello Of Blood" homage/Tribute

A work in progress in my sketch book. I'm a huge "Tales From the Crypt" fan an wanted to do some more fan art for it, an I like the "Bordello Of Blood" movie poster so I thought I would do a tribute/homeage piece for it. So here it is so far, i'm gonna work more on the hand an the glass an maybe his chin but other then that it's almost done for the pencils. I hope you all dig it so far. [UPDATED] here is the inked version of it, sorry the scan a lil crappy on the one side it's a piece done in my sketch book so you have to press down on it a lil when scanning. Overall i'm happy with it I think the inks could be better but I always say that about my work I always like to find the negatives of the things I work on so haha. Hope you all like it folks!

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