Sunday, April 4, 2010

[UPDATED]Tales Of Dusk:Heartland Farm Terror Teaser!!

Heres a little teaser image for everyone so far. Here are the pencils for a piece of my creator owned comic series called Tales Of Dusk it's going to be a horror anthology series, an this is a teaser image from the first story called Heartland Farm Terror. I am doing all the artwork an writing for this story an it's a blast so far, I have at least 5 other tales planned up, This first story is about a group of teens out on drive in the country an they happen to break down in the wrong spot at the wrong time, also working on a novel story so keep your eyes out for that. More info to come on this story so stay tuned folks! [UPDATED] finally got the inks done for this piece, hope you all like it, i'm having a blast working on it!


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  2. Re-post:

    This drawing is awesome. It reminds me of something you'd find in a Ketchum, Laymon or Smith novel.

  3. Thanks bud!, i'm glad you like it!, im glad it reminds you of something you would see in one of there novels! means alot man!