Thursday, April 8, 2010

Phantom Of The Opera & Monster Makin' 101 sketch

Heres a Phantom Of The Opera warm-up sketch. This one was just done on some normal printer paper took a couple hours, I plan on doing a bigger better one in my 11x14 sketch book, going to ink this one up sooner. I thought it would be a cool horror piece to do seeing theres not alot of Phantom Of The Opera art out there that I know of other then Basil Gogo's amazing paintings. I also used a statue that I found on the web for reference on this piece. Hope you all like it folks!

The Next piece is the first sketch from new colum "Monster Makin' 101"The Idea is to have artist show how to draw a monster an have the people on the site if they want re-draw it using the easy steps shown. This one is based off of Buz & Ken (The Living Corpse) sketch, me being an artist my self I always like adding my own little things an changing it up a bit, it was a little rush but still I good piec I think. Hope you like it folks!

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