Monday, August 27, 2012

well look who's come back...

Hello of my fellow bloggers, it's me again TypH...I have neglected this blog for long enough I think, and I am sorry for all my viewers who use to follow my post on here.

I will be doing my vest best to keep this updated at least a couple times a week, I have a ton of new artwork to show off, and so many new pieces in the works and planned out, so hopefully I will be able to find 30minutes here and there to do updates, and hopefully work on a new layout and look for the blog as well.

You all might be wondering what I have been up to as of late, well I am still drawing, I was tattooing for about 8months but left for personal reasons. I have been doing my best to keep my facebook fan page up to date, for any of you folks who haven't checked that out feel free to at

I am also trying to get back into using DA you can all check that out at: and also at:

The latest news is that my Macho Man randy Savage painting that I did months ago is featured in this months WWE Magazine the Best of 2012 so that is pretty awesome, and I also have a t-shirt design up on Split for voting, feel free to go check that out at:

Well that's enough chatting for now, now I will get onto posting actual pieces of art!

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