Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Horror Banner for Mike&Chuck Horror site

heres is a banner for a site im doing called "Mike & Chucks Blog Of The Dead" heres there link: shoucld check it out some good stuff folks!, well they asked for a banner with 4 classic characters them being Jason,Leatherface,Michael & Freddy, they also asked for some zombies so of course I had to add Flyboy & Bub to the mix sorry you didn't make it in FIDO maybe next time haha. Then I also added in my favourite horror movie of all well next to Leatherface of course My Bloody Valentine. The last character I added was pumpkinhead it was hard picking seeing theres so many great ones out there I was gonna go The Tall Man but decided not to. I hope you all like it anyways, inks should be comming soon!

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