Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Monster Making 101 FIDO

Hello my horrific fiends! it's Monster Makin' 101 time an I'm the artist on it what no way! Dan was nice enough to offer me the chance to be one of the artist for the Monster Makin' 101 section over at an being the nice guy I am I took him up on the offer. For my Monster Makin' 101 piece I picked to do a piece based off my new Horror Movie Fan Art line. A classic new zombie movie called FIDO so sit back an enjoy the 5 easy steps that I take when making a piece like this.

Step1: I take a colored led for a mechpencil usually green or any color that I have. The reason i do this is just to get the general shape of the piece together. Also the colored led doesn't show up on grayscale scan once it's all inked an finished."the scan not the best seeing it's done in color scan but yeah ha ha"
Step2: The next step is I take my 4H lead art pencil & I will go over all the green an start mapping out the hair an nose,mouth, eyes etc. Note never press hard on the lead or put alot of time an detail into it just yet, cause if your like me you might change it about 4 times or more before your happy ha ha

Step3 & 4: This is where more of the fun stuff starts to come in, I usually do this all in one step but I thought i would break it into two, to well make it longer ha ha. This is where you start adding more facial details to the eyes an what ever other detail you might like to make your piece come to life more. Then once you get the detail done you start working on the shading for the piece. With this one I had a general idea where the shading would be so I mapped out where the blacks would be an then added the detail from there. Also in this step you can add in a background if you want to have one, I just added in a basic one to take up most of the boring white space.
Step5: The last an final step for me, seeing I don't add my own colors yet. This is where you make the piece more bold an make it "pop" more with a nice layer of Black ink, For this step I used a 0.1 Staedtler Pigment Liner for the whole piece 11x14' alot of ink ha ha. All & all I think it's a great piece an great for my Horror Movie Fan Art line of pieces. I hope you all enjoyed it folks, give it a shot if you dare!

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