Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art Of TypH

Hello everyone, it's me Brian again also known more as "TypH", The reason I am making a new blogspot site is due to all my "Art Of TypH" threads on horror forums & comics forums such as, Rue Morgue, Fangoria, Steve Niles Forum,IDW,Dark Horse & a list of other sites, an more sites to come. So I figured it would be good to make a new blogspot to collect all my horror artwork together, Seeing that my main focus is all on Horror comics, with that being said I am also writing an drawing my own creator owned series which is still in pre-production most of the writing is done for it an the character sketches will be comming soon. The comic will be posted as a webcomic at first an then later on collected into comic format at a later date. I will create another post talking about that later on.

Also here are some of the links to the "Art Of TypH" threads on differnet sites, feel free to join all the following sites cause they are all great sites.
First off will start off with "Art Of TypH"
Second here is a newer one Rue-Morgues "Art Of TypH"
AllthingZombies "Art Of TypH"
Steve Niles "Art Of TypH"
Boom Studios" Art Of TypH"
Digital Webbings "Art Of TypH"

I'll add more to the list later when I get the other links & when ever I join an add a new site.

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